A referrer is any individual or organisation that signs up on the NYSC platform www.nysc.cashnownow.net or on any of our other channels, to introduce potential NYSC members to access the CashNowNow loan services and receives a referrer code and referral link. Any NYSC corps member that also signs up on the NYSC platform to take an NYSC loan is automatically signed up as a referrer.
A super referrer is a referrer that has invited other people to become referrers. He or she enjoys the super referrer benefit, which includes earning a commission, when NYSC corps members introduced by the referrers under him take an NYSC loan.
You can become a referrer for our product by:
  • registering on our website www.nysc.cashnownow.net as a referrer
  • registering and applying for loan via our website www.nysc.cashnownow.net. This process automatically generates a referral link and code for you
A referrer can be anyone, either an NYSC loan applicant or any other person interested in earning additional income via our referral scheme or platform
As a referrer, you earn N100 commission after we disburse to an NYSC corps member referred by you and N50 commission each month thereafter when the borrower makes monthly payment for the tenure of the loan for every loan referred by you
As a super referrer you earn N15 commission after we give a loan to an NYSC corps member referred by someone that was referred by you. The N15 is earned every month for the tenure of the loan upon monthly repayment by the borrower.
You can redeem your commission at any time once the accumulated commission is at least N2,500 and above.
Your commission will be credited to your bank account from the wallet upon request. To request, visit www.nysc.cashnownow.net
Yes, you automatically become a referrer when you apply for an NYSC loan or simply register. A unique referral code and link are generated and sent to your email. Or simply visit www.nysc.cashnownow.net to register as referrer.
There is no difference. Signing up as a referrer automatically makes you a super referrer as long as you invite others to become referrers.
If the borrower defaults in his/her loan you do not earn commission. If the defaulter is someone you know, we expect you to encourage them to pay their debt.
Not yet available. However, this will be made available soon.
Your commission earnings accumulate in your wallet and is visible on your dashboard when you log into the platform.
Send your questions via email to customercare@cashnownow.net (preferably) or call us on +2349014242062 or +2348062750890
You onboard them by doing one of the following:
  • sending them your referral link that you received after registering. Once they register using this link, you become their super referrer
  • Ensuring they register as referrers using your referral code
  • Uploading their contact details in the “sub referrer” onboarding section of our website
By sharing your referral link with them for loan application. As explained earlier, the referral link is sent to you when you register as a referrer.
Ensure that the corps member applies for the NYSC loan using your referral link or code
There is no minimum or maximum number of referrers you can invite or have under you
You can invite as many corps members as possible to take the loan
The referrer will not be attached to your profile as he/she will already be attached to another super referrer
The person will not be successful at doing so. An NYSC corps member is attached to the referrer that first onboards him/her.